5 Myths About Ireland

In this article, we will be addressing some of the things which people typically preconceive about Ireland.

As with anywhere in the world, Ireland has its fair share of stereotypes but if you want to experience Ireland and everything that it has to offer, you have to ignore these stereotypes. As entertaining as they can be, stereotypes will blind you from what a country is all about.

Today we’re going to be talking about some of the most popular myths about Ireland.

Myth #1 – It’s All About the Pubs

We’ve all heard that one stereotype that all Irish people are drunks. Sure, people in Ireland are a lot more casual about drinking and are known for their atmospheric pubs, but Ireland has more to offer than just its pubs.
If you’re visiting Ireland though, it’s worth checking out a few of the local pubs over there and grabbing yourself a pint. There’s something about alcohol in Ireland that makes it better than other pubs.

Myth #2 – Ireland is Small on a Map, So There Isn’t a Lot to See

On the contrary, Ireland has a lot of rich history and there are plenty of landmarks to see and sightseeing to do.
The Ring of Kerry, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Blarney Castle and its famous stone to kiss, and let’s not forget The Giant’s Causeway. Each of these places are worthy of a day out during your visit to Ireland and will make it a memorable visit too.

Myth #3 – All Irish People Are Ginger

To be fair, there is a higher percentage of gingers in Ireland than most places, but the percentage isn’t as high as you might think. In fact, Scotland has a higher percentage of redheads than Ireland does.
When you’re in Ireland, you’ll see more brown and blond haired people than gingers as only around 10% of the Irish are redheads.

Myth #4 – Irish Food is Unappealing

There’s no denying that Ireland has some questionable foods (such as black pudding), but they have just as many delicious dishes which are worth tasting during your time there.
Let’s take fish and chips for example. Regardless of which country you are visiting in the UK, you simply have to stop by a chip shop and grab yourself some fish and chips. Likewise, a full Irish breakfast is far from disgusting and is the perfect start to a long day.
All in all, sure Ireland has some food that isn’t what you’d expect and might look disgusting, but which country doesn’t?

Myth #5 – Ireland is a Violent Place

Perhaps it isn’t fair to call this a Myth since statistically, Ireland has a higher crime rate than most other countries. However, it isn’t as violent a place as most make it out to be.
The one thing to keep in mind when reading studies about violence in Ireland in comparison to other places, such as America, is that Ireland have strict gun laws. If we were to compare the crime figures from America to Ireland, they are very close. But, again, Americas statistics take into account their gun laws.
In short terms, yes, Ireland is a fairly violent place in comparison to other countries.

To Conclude…

There’s no denying that these stereotypes can be entertaining in the right context, but if you’re looking to have thriving travels in Ireland then it’s best for you to put these out of your mind.
On the other hand, if you’re only in Ireland to have a good time then head to the nearest pub, take out your wallet, and spend the night drinking as much beer as you can; living just like the Irish.

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