Hello, I’m Jenny, the editor in chief of this Blog, Blue Badge Ireland, our nothern Ireland tourist guide hub. I have the honour to work with a nice team of contributors who are clearly as passionate about Ireland as I am.

What is blue badge ireland?

It’s a blog dedicated to Ireland and all the beauty therein. The name is derived from the blue badge that the UK uses to as their official badge of tourism. While the official tourism department of the United Kingdom and I are not affiliated, I do consider us distant friends and use the blue badge as a symbol of my great love for being a tourist in Ireland.

If you’ve come here to ease your Irish travel woes and satisfy your craving, I unfortunately have to tell you that it won’t work. The only way to get your fill of Ireland is to hop on a plane and explore it for yourself! However, use this blog as your guide on what to do once you’re there. As a fellow lover of Ireland, I’m here to tell you the ins-and-outs of this breath-taking country and help you enjoy your time there to the absolute fullest.

How did Ireland and I come to meet?

At one point in time, I was just a girl who was just going about her day trying to complete an English degree. I was taking an exchange in Ireland, and fell head over heels in love. However, that’s not all I fell head over heels for. Between the natural wonder of the Cliffs of Moher, the wealth of Guinness on tap, and the array of delectable eats and historical treats throughout the country, there was a guy. But there’s always a guy, isn’t there? And who can resist the accents they use that make their words sing. When a handsome Irish man speaks, every sentence becomes a poem. And so, I fell in love with this man, and my connection with him only drew me closer to Ireland.

Love Everlasting.

Even after I left and returned home, my passion for Ireland didn’t dwindle. As an English major, Ireland was heaven for a bibliophile. Ireland is rich with famous writers such as C.S. Lewis and Samuel Beckett. There are many first-editions and rare letters littered throughout Ireland’s various librariers. Trinity College even houses the gorgeous Book of Kells, a manuscript of the four gospels from 800 AD. If you’re into more modern literature, I’m happy to share that Ireland is the real-world Westeros. No, really! Visit the filming locations! They’re striking.

Ireland is home to much more than romance and good books. There’s much to fall head over heels for here, and something that will tickle anybody’s fancy.

Ireland is a hub of culture that accommodates any kind of tourist – and I want to be the person to help you find your own passion in this incredible country. As the famous Irish blessing says, “Ireland, it’s the one place on earth that heaven has kissed with melody, mirth, and meadow and mist.” But don’t just take my word for it, follow me and you’ll have your itinerary planned in no time!