Top 5 Irish Legends

Myths and legends are something which most of us find incredibly exciting to follow and in this article, we’ll be showing you the top 5 Irish legends.
Myths and legends are so exciting that even casual video games have begun to adapt them into their storylines. Just as with Scotland (which is seen as a somewhat “brother” country to Ireland), there are a lot of Irish myths and legends out there.

Today we’re going to be talking about the 5 best Irish legends .

Legend #1 – Dagda


In the Dagda stories, Dagda was a priest who played a special harp.
Whilst a war was going on, Dagda started to play his harp although it was stolen, and hidden in a castle. Dagda followed the group who stole his harp to the castle and when they made it there, he called for the harp to return to him.
Once he had the harp back in his possession, he started to play Music of Tears, and everyone around him started crying. He then started playing Music of Mirth, and everyone around him started laughing. The final time that he played the harp, he played Music of Sleep, and everyone around him fell asleep; allowing him to escape without a scratch.

Legend #2 – The Banshee


No, let’s focus on The Banshee – a terrifying Irish myth (or at least, we hope she’s a myth).
The Banshee is a myth will appear randomly and when she does, will select her “next victim”. Once selected, The Banshee will let out a horrifying scream and shortly after, her victim will experience the death of a family member.
When you see The Banshee, she could appear in a range of different ways. She may appear as an older lady who is dressed in rags, or she may appear as a beautiful young woman.

Legend #3 – Shamrock


The Shamrock is one of the most common emblems of Ireland but little do people know, it has virtually no background. However, it still remains as one of Ireland’s historic symbols.
According to Shamrock legend, The Celtics thought of the number three as very sacred and thus, saw Shamrocks as the sacred plant. Following this, the Irish continue to believe that the Shamrock is sacred.

Legend #4 – Saint Patrick


Contrary to popular belief, Saint Patrick isn’t quite the saint that he’s been made out to be over recent years. In fact, while he has a rough background and all, he didn’t do any significant work which would warrant the title of “Saint”.
When Saint Patrick was kidnapped as a child, he was taken from a rich background and was made into a slave. During the time that he was a slave, he converted to become a Christian. Once he was released as a slave, he spent the remainder of his life preaching Christianity across Ireland.
Shortly after he died, the popular stories which instigate Saint Patrick’s Day each year arose.

Legend #5 – Fairies


We see fairies in legends all over the world, but they hold a special place in Irish mythology.
According to Irish legends, fairies can appear in any form that they want to although typically, will appear in human form.
While fairies are seen as evil creatures, anyone who encounters them will be completely immersed in their beauty and won’t be able to resist them. Fairies are known for bringing misfortune to anyone who they encounter so if you see one, stay away!

All in all, these are just some of the most exciting Irish legends and there are plenty more that you can read about. Myths are a fantastic way to grow your creativity and to add to that, they are simply fun to read about. If you have not already done so, go ahead and do some research about not only Irish legends, but other myths and legends too.

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