What food to try in Ireland

In this new article, we’ll be discussing some of the must-have foods that you should try while you’re in Ireland.

One of the best things to do while you’re on vacation or when you’re travelling is to try some of the different foods that places have to offer. When you get home, the chances are that you’ll never have that opportunity again.
Like other countries, Ireland has their own foods which if you’re planning on visiting, you undoubtedly should try out for yourself.

Black Pudding

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This is one of the most popular Irish foods out there and is loved by some, and hated by many others.
Black pudding is a combination of pork fat, pig’s blood, and oatmeal. Some restaurants will add their own twist to the dish although this is what you can expect. As you might guess, there’s a lot of people who automatically assume that pork fat and pig’s blood are disgusting, but it’s worth tasting!

Fish and Chips

If you’re anywhere in the UK then getting yourself some fish and chips is a must.
When you get fish and chips from a chip shop, you’ll be asked if you want salt and vinegar to be added. Say yes, and you won’t regret it.

But, if you decide to eat indoors at a restaurant and order fish and chips, you’ll find that it’ll be presented slightly differently. You can still expect a fresh and delicious meal, but you’ll be welcomed by a side of mushy peas and tartar sauce.
There’s nothing bad about fish and chips so when in Ireland (or anywhere in the UK), make sure that you give it a taste.

Boiled Bacon with Cabbage

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I can’t deny that this doesn’t sound like an unappealing meal, but it’s a family favourite for many in Ireland.
For this meal, a pork shoulder is soaked for several hours before it is boiled and just before it is ready to be served, cabbage is boiled alongside it. When both the bacon and cabbage are cooked and ready to be served, the pork shoulder will be either cut or shredded and the cabbage will be drained, before being served.
This is often served with parsley sauce and a side of vegetables.

Breakfast Roll

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Nothing says, “Good Morning!”, like a full-Irish breakfast stuffed into a bread roll.
You’ll find that during your time in Ireland, most stores and supermarkets will sell a breakfast roll stuffed with bacon, a fried egg, sausages, and even a slice of black pudding. Of course, you can ask for certain ingredients to be removed (especially the black pudding), but nonetheless, this is a fantastic meal to kick your day off.

Full Irish Breakfast

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Following on from the previous food, you’ll also find that full Irish breakfasts are a popular meal to kick off the day.
A full Irish breakfast consists of toast, fried eggs, sausages, bacon, mushrooms, fried tomatoes, and black pudding.
Once you’ve seen one, you’ll realise that there’s a lot to eat in a full Irish breakfast. With that in mind, consider splitting one dish between two people!

Smoked Salmon

That’s right, another delicious fish dish to add to the menu.
Ireland produces some of the most delicious smoked salmon across the globe and when you order some, it’ll be severed with either egg, salad, or some freshly cooked bread.
The only downside to smoked salmon in Ireland is that while it’s unbelievably delicious, it’s on the pricier side (But don’t let this stop you though!).

So, there’s no arguing that some of these foods can come off as very disgusting (more specifically, the black pudding), but when you’re travelling it’s important to experience different foods. Who knows, you might go home with a new go-to meal in mind.
Above all, even if you don’t like some of the different foods that you taste while on vacation, you won’t regret trying them. That is the beauty of travelling. Trying new things that normally would put you off 🙂

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