Where to Visit in Ireland

Ireland might not be very big compared to some other countries, but it still has plenty to see and do. It’s a testament to how beautiful the country is that there’s always something more to see. Here are some of the very best places to visit in Ireland.

Belfast City

Belfast City is the obvious choice when it comes to visiting Ireland. It offers brilliant culture, a rich history, and friendly people. It offers an experience you can’t find anything else in Europe. Belfast City has a unique food scene, a brilliant arts scene and – of course – is the birthplace of the Titanic.

The best way to see Belfast is by taking a unique Black Taxi Tour. This is a tour run by people who know the city best, who take you through all the major sights of the city. You’ll travel by political murals and delve deep into the past of the city. Belfast really offers the best of culture and fun.

County Kilkenny

County Kilkenny offers an ideal combination of the modern and historical. It’s great for those looking to take in the nature and history of Ireland. The major attractions of County Kilkenny include Kilkenny City, Jerpoint Park, St Canice’s Cathedral, and the Dunmore Caves. County Kilkenny is such a maze of lanes and alleyways that there’s no telling where – or indeed when – you’ll find yourself.

Take a trip just outside of the city and the River Nore will have you feeling like you’ve fallen into a fairytale fantasy. The countryside is great for walking, cycling, and driving. There’s always something new waiting to be discovered in Kilkenny. It’s the kind of place you have to visit several times.

Galway City

The people of Galway City know how to have a good time. The city is filled with artistry and fun with events and festivals held all year round. Galway celebrates just about everything from literature to horseracing, and even oysters. People spend their weekends in the city hopping between bars, pubs, and restaurants.

The city also has a historic flavor to it. There’s the occasional trace of Galway to be found, including the Spanish Arch and the city walls of the city that drench the place in an ancient atmosphere. As a seaport, Galway City always offers some excellent seafood to be enjoyed. Galway is often called the “City of Equals” because it promotes such a high level of respect and understanding. Despite the range of languages and cultures, the area still holds a traditional feel that you can immerse yourself into.

County Cork

It’s no wonder that the people of County Cork love their home county so much when you consider the delicious food, the beautiful coastline, and the string of colorful towns. County Cork is the largest county of Ireland. It spreads across the south-west of the country and is the home of political leader Michael Collins and soccer legend Roy Keane.

Cork city is the heart of County Cork, which Cork natives feel is the true capital of the Republic of Ireland. They like to quip that they just let Dubliners pretend. Dignitaries may to go to Dublin for entertainment, but they come to Cork to really be entertained on their days off!

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